Why No One Talks About Aquariums Anymore

Health Benefits of Aquarium Therapy

Having a pet means getting unquestionable love and companionship. This also provides us the strength to manage the stresses of everyday life. We have heard about so many stories of dogs, cats and other animals who have been honest and loving to their human owners, but there seems to be one more specie we usually forget – fish. Even so, the reality is that their relaxing effects cannot be dismissed. These silent comforters are our very own pet fishes.

It may sound unbelievable but there are many health benefits offered by just watching fish swimming in an aquarium. It has been proven in many studies that watching fishes in aquarium tanks, otherwise known as aquarium therapy, has a calming effect on a restless mind. Such benefits even surpass the emotional level. According to scientists, they are also helpful in treating certain psychiatric problems. In particular, the following are the main health benefits aquarium therapy offers:
Stress Reduction

According to studies, watching fish in an aquarium has various therapeutic effects on the emotional and physiological states of a person. It helps in reducing and calming down the anxiety level as well as in relaxing the mind. You’ve probably seen a lot of hospitals with aquariums in their waiting area – you know the reason why.

Cardiac Function Improvement

While aquarium therapy soothes a troubled mind, it can also bring the person’s blood pressure back to normal levels. It slows down the pulse rate and relieves tension in the muscles. That means these little cuties won’t only improve your mood. Your heart also becomes healthier and your longevity gets a boost.

Improvement in Alzheimer’s Patients’ Behavior

Based on a study on Alzheimer’s patients, those who had the chance to watch fishes in aquarium tanks tended to be friendlier than those who didn’t (note that these patients often exhibit troublesome and aggressive behavior). The same study also showed that even the eating habits of the patients improved.

Help for Autistic and ADHD Children

We know that autistic children are usually aggressive and prone to having emotional fits. When they are given the opportunity to watch fishes in different colors and moving in different directions, their mood tends to stabilize. Similarly, kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have also been observed to benefit from watching fishes in an aquarium. But instead of preventing aggression (as it does in autistic children), aquarium therapy improves concentration levels in those with ADHD.

Whether anybody in your household has any kind of mental or physical condition that is helped by aquarium therapy, it would be nice to put even a small tank on one corner of your home, purely for your relaxation. How wonderful indeed to have bright and colorful fishes, full of energy, as part of the family.
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